Player Transfer Financing

Centred around the two transfer windows. We provide the financing required to buy/sell the best players to keep your team competitive.

With the minimum payment for remaining in the English top flight set at GBP 100m per team it is obvious why teams are focussed on staying up.

Stadium Upgrades

Every club wants to increase their match day receipts. The best way of doing this is to raise the capacity of the stadium.

With clubs looking to move from 30,000 to 60,000 seats they require major renovations and the capital to do so. That’s where we come in.

Training Academy Development

The best academies produce the best players. Most teams will agree. We help finance the improvements necessary to keep a club at grade A standard.

Our Finance Approach

  1. We provide finance to sporting entities and federations based on TV rights receivables
  2. Transfer fee receivables
  3. Player receivables
  4. We are transparent
  5. We are fast


We operate with a dedicated network of experts and law firms in the major leagues.
• We do mostly receivable sales agreements by way of absolute assignment.
• The duration can be from 6 to 36 months with possible roll overs, depending on the receivables and rules (e.g. parachute payment regulations in case of relegation) and laws in each country.
• We charge competitive market rates, with clear and transparent fees.
• By providing finance to the sports club we do not interfere in the club’s management.
• We are fast and flexible. Imperative in the time sensitive player transfer market.